Do you know what companies all know about you?

Do you know which traces you leave on the Internet, which creditworthiness data is exchanged about you or who trades your personality profile and earns money with it?

It is your data – an request stored data directly from companies. So you can make your data understandable and visible.

it's my data is the first private data portal for everyone: competent and independent.

It's your data!

Request your data and save it in your personal data account: From Google or Facebook, from Schufa or Bürgel, from Allianz or Axa and many more.

You will be surprised what is stored about you.

Get your personal data account. Your it's my data account is free, secure and only you have access to it.

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Your data sovereignty. Your benefits.

it’s my data is your smart decision for the digital future. It makes many things simpler and more transparent. And you even gain financial advantages.

“I want to protect my privacy.”

it’s my data protects your personal data.
“My personal data is private. That also includes my surfing behavior, electricity consumption and more. With my personal data account, I always have an overview at a central and secure location.”

“The it’s my data proof of creditworthiness.”

Affordable, expressive and transparent.
“I can show my landlord my certificate of creditworthiness from it’s my data. And because it is based on my own data, it is meaningful, credible and affordable.”

“Take advantage of money and benefits? Gladly!”

Utilize your data when you want to and for the purposes you want to achieve.
“My data profile at it’s my data isn’t only interesting for me. It’s also interesting for companies. In the future, and only if I want to, I’ll be able to use my data in exchange for suitable compensation.”

Your proof of creditworthiness.

For submission to landlords, banks or employers.

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Highly comprehensive: your personal credit rating certificate from it’s my data is based on data from up to four of the leading credit agencies.
High transparency: you get a complete overview of your data and your credit rating to see you how you perform compared to your peer group.
Lower costs: your credit rating certificate for only six euros. Because, after all, it's your data.

Discover your personal data cockpit

  • Find out what Google, Facebook, etc. know about you.
  • Get to know your “digital ego” in twelve environments.
  • View your profile as it compares with your peers’ profiles.
  • Optimize your data’s value through accurately targeted enrichment.

You’re the focal point at it’s my data.

Your data will be stored securely in Germany.

The data cockpit keeps you in constant control of your data.

All your data-related actions will be clearly documented for you.

Use your secure personal data account, which no one but you – and you alone – can access.

Use your secure personal data account, which no one but you – and you alone – can access.

Deploy your data when you want and for the personal goals you want to achieve.

it’s my data puts the power in your hands.

Data self-determination: It’s only you who has access; only you who decides who gets your data and for what purposes.

More control: manage your personal data at a single location and maintain control over it – including your data’s interactions with companies.

More parity: it’s my data assures that you have equal rights and parity with companies so you can legitimately represent your interests and request service packages that are specifically tailored for your needs.