Our vision is to give every person the power back over their data.

It’s high time for data sovereignty

Our mission: To pave the way for a fair and mutually beneficial relationship between users and companies. As the first data portal of its kind, we bring users, companies and institutions together and make data sovereignty possible. Users have complete decision-making sovereignty in determining whether and to what 

extent they participate in data-driven innovations, while companies are given the opportunity to use this qualified, personally released data to develop innovative products, services and pioneering business models.

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A revolution for the data economy

It’s our conviction that digital transformation can only be successful and truly improve our lives when a fundamental change is made in the way personal data is handled. It is high time that the user is no longer treated like the product. The user alone should be able to determine who has access to his or her data, 

what it is used for and want consideration they want in return to make the data available. People's personal data is a decisive element in the emergence of an effective and efficient digital economy. Which is why we put people at the center. We are convinced that a fair data economy will offer countless opportunities to (both parties) individuals and companies and profit both equally.

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Our Team

The itsmydata team is an alliance of experienced entrepreneurs and specialists coming from a broad range of fields who, based on their convictions, are pursuing a common vision – a fair data economy that is profitable for everyone.

Dr. Michael Giese

Founder & CEO


Alexander Sieverts

Founder & CEO

Nicolas Bourros



Gheorghe Mates


Stefan Thomé



Alexander Steffan

Business Developer


Wouter Fokkelman

Product Owner


Vlad Oanele

Fullstack Developer


Mihaela Plesa

Product Owner


Ema Vidrasan

Java Developer


Leon Literski

UX/UI Designer


Christina Brunner

Service & Social Media

Advisory Board & Investors


Markus Fischer

Associate Partner M&A
Advisory EY Deutschland


Rüdiger Hartmann

Chief Financial Officer NKD Firmengruppe


Dr. Johannes Knorz

Chief Executive Officer 4L Vision GmbH


Ralph Suikat

Founder & Aufsichtsratvorsitzender Fairantwortung gAG

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