Your data

You probably share your data every day, which means you also share personal information about yourself. Unfortunately, we have lost all awareness of when, with whom and for what purpose we are sharing our data. Consequently, many people have lost control over the use of their data.

Thanks to the GDPR, we have the opportunity to regain control over our personal data. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about your data, what your rights are and how itsmydata can help you on your way to data sovereignty!

Your creditworthiness

Your creditworthiness is particularly important in everyday life because it’s vital to concluding contracts and to receiving the best terms and conditions possible. A good credit rating is crucially important, especially when looking for an apartment.

Any landlord would appreciate some insight into the creditworthiness of a prospective tenant to make sure that he or she can reliably pay the rent. We have compiled the most important information about your creditworthiness. By the way, with the itsmydata creditworthiness certificate, you can save money and protect your data at the same time!

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved