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The smart credit check. Immediate online availability. Convince your landlord - for only 17.90€.

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Immediate digital availability

Waiting for a credit report for days? Not here! You can download your credit pass immediately and directly forward it via e-mail or print it. Your credit pass will be available to you after only 2 minutes - no ID card necessary - also while on the road.

Get your money's worth

You think 29.95€ for a credit report is too expensive? So do we! That's why our credit pass only costs 17.90€. But that's not all, the credit pass is als valid for 90 days from date of purchase instead of 60. Order it once and send it to various landlords.

Maximum safety for your landlord

The itsmydata credit pass is the first credit report based on the data of three leading credit agencies. Therefore, landlords can minimize their risk. Thanks to a QR code, landlords are able to verify the authenticity of the document at any time. 

Get your credit pass in only 2 minutes.

Only 17.90€. No subscription fees, no additional costs. We promise.

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What landlords & estate agents have to say

"We are excited about our cooperation with itsmydata, which will benefit our IVD members as well as end customers. With the credit pass, IVD members and their customers are able to receive a reliable summary of the most important credit data." 


Ralf Sorg, chairman ivd24 Immobilien

"Landlords are especially interested in information that confirms the financial stability of potential tenants. The best and legally safest way to receive that information is via the itsmydata credit pass - clearly visualized and based on the information from multiple credit agencies."



Astrid Lütt, Lütt Immobilien/Mieter Club

"A clear summary of information from three credit agencies in a single document - this is giving me far more confidence regarding the assessment of solvency than your usual credit report from only one source."




Barbara, landlord

Creating trust thanks to the highest data quality


Founded in 1997, Creditreform Boniversum now consists of over 100 employees. As one of Germany's leading credit agencies, the company ensures safe business processes between companies and consumers by providing credit information of individuals.

For more than 125 years Experian has been strengthening the trust between individuals and companies. Experian offers protection for data abuse and cyber crime to enable consumers a safe and fair access to financial services as well as online shopping, insurances and plans for mobile phones. 



Since 2003, Regis 24 is a leading provider of consumer identity, credit and creditworthiness information and offers comprehensive solutions. Regis24 is fully aware of its responsibility as a data tech company and credit agency. Regis24 aims to simplify the topic of data protection for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't find a fitting answer? Contact us.

Which payment methods are available?

You can choose between PayPal, Sofort, paydirekt and credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Can i also buy the credit pass with a foreign residence?

Unfortunately not; you require a German residence.

What should i do if the identity check fails?

We make sure that only you can request and receive the credit pass. A failed identity check could be due to the name provided with your payment method not being identical to the one provided in your itsmydata profile. In that case, please try to pay again by using a suitable payment method. Should you then still run into identification problems, do not hesitate to contact us at

What data does the credit pass contain?

With your order you request your data from the three credit agencies Creditreform Boniversum, Experian (Infoscore Consumer Data) and Regis24.

The credit agencies deliver your selfrequests digitally and immediately. Then, your selfrequests will be evaluated by itsmydata regarding negative data and will be summed up and visualized in the form of the credit pass for use - e.g. to be shown to landlords.

How quick is the data made available?

You will receive your complete credit pass within a few minutes digitally and you can then directly forward it or print it.

How long is a credit pass valid?

The credit pass is valid for 90 days and can be shared as many times as you like within that time frame.

What is the purpose of the itsmydata credit pass?

The credit pass allows you to show at a glance to landlords if there are any current solvency issues attached to you. The credit pass visualizes this proof in a clear way and without showing any sensitive data. 

Why is the credit pass so safe for landlords?

It is essential for landlords to know that the future tenant does not have any solvency issues. In order to give the landlord maximum security when checking a potential tenant's solvency, the credit pass includes three different credit agencies as sources.

How can landlords check the credit pass' data accuracy?

Your landlord or business partner can check the data with a verification code. This code is printed on every credit pass. Thanks to this code, landlords can check here if the document presented to them is actually connected to a valid credit pass.

Why does the credit pass contain information from Creditreform Boniversum, Experian (infoscore Consumer Data) and Regis24?

To provide maximum security for landlords, itsmydata brought together the best sources for the credit pass. The sources have to be different while also being complementary to be able to go beyond today's single credit agency products.

Therefore, the credit pass is being comprised of three high quality sources that perfectly complement each other. The pass includes the largest debt collection network in the form of Creditreform Boniversum. Experian is the world's largest credit agency, particularly covering the insurance sector in Germany, and has excellent processes which are proven worldwide at their disposal. Regis24 is a modern credit agency specializing on difficult debt collection cases and provides an additional debt collection sphere. 

All three of these sources are connected to the public list of debtors, therefore covering each other's resulting negative data.

As a result, the requests from these three credit agencies offer the maximum security concerning negative solvency checks for landlords.

Do the credit agency requests have any influence on my score?

No, the selfrequests issued towards the credit agencies do not influence the scores you have at these credit agencies.

What are credit agencies?

Credit agencies like Schufa, Experian or Credtreform are private companies with the purpose of collecting and forwarding relevant economy data about individuals or companies.

The requests are only issued to individuals who use these requests in regard to their solvency and also have legitimate interest according to GDPR regulations, e.g. during initial business contact.

For "hard" negative data, credit agencies consult the public list of debtors. For out-of-court "soft" negative data (especially debt collection trials), they use their own network of reporting companies (especially collection agencies). Furthermore, information on contracts like checking accounts, phone contracts and credit contracts will be taken from their own network and transferred as positive data.

How can i view the full selfrequests?

You can view the selfrequests in your personal itsmydata data account as soon as you have activated your account.

What is negative data?

Negative data gives insight on a consumer's solvency issues. There is a distinction between "hard" and "soft" negative data.

The "hard" negative data is by far the most important group. This is judicial data from the public list of debtors and insolvencies concerning submitted liabilities and insolvencies. All credit agencies access the same public sources.

The "soft" negative data are out-of-court data about reports of solvency issues, usually from debt collection or enforcement procedures. The source for "soft" negative data are companies connected to a credit agency. These are especially collection agencies.

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved