It's quick, easy and affordable to get your credit score

It's quick, easy and affordable to get your credit score

The itsmydata credit report - your credit scores from up to five credit agencies (Creditreform Boniversum, Schufa, Crif, Experian (Infoscore Consumer Data) and Regis24).

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Four reasons to get the itsmydata credit report

Show your creditworthiness.

Show your creditworthiness and financial stability. This can be important for gaining access to affordable funding programs or insurances. As a whole, a credit report is meant to build trust and to increase the chances for a successful financial commitment.

All your data at a glance.

The credit report visualizes your data from up to five credit agencies  (Creditreform Boniversum, Crif, Experian (Infoscore Consumer Data), Regis24 and Schufa). You can immediately recognize whether any negative information exists as well as the scores you have. You can download your report, forward it via e-mail or print it anytime.

Manage your data and understand it.

Log into your personal data cockpit and manage your creditworthiness. Historicize your data, save it in your data account and understand, what your score is telling about your credit rating - via peer comparison.

Your self-disclosures.

On purchasing the credit report you will instantly receive your self-disclosure from Creditreform Boniversum. The information from Experian (Infoscore Consumer Data) and Regis24 will also be instantly transferred to your data cockpit. The self-disclosures from Schufa and Crif will be delivered to you via postal service within 14 days. You can then upload and integrate these documents into your data cockpit. To top it all off: you can save all of your data, request it at any time and even correct it if necessary.

Get your itsmydata credit report!

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You get all this with your itsmydata credit report.

Your personal data cockpit

Log into your personal data cockpit and manage your creditworthiness. Historicize your data, save it in your data account and understand, what your score is telling about your credit rating - via peer comparison.


Your self-disclosures

Information on you collected by:
Creditreform Boniversum

You get your score by Boniversum and Experian in real time and can download the credit report after just 2 minutes, forward it by e-mail or hand it directly to a third party.

Information on you collected by:
Experian (Infoscore Consumer Data)

You will also receive your information from Experian in real time. Along with the score from Creditreform Boniversum, you can download your credit report after only 2 minutes, forward it or print it out.

Information on you collected by:

Schufa sends you a code along with the information it has collected on you so that you download your requested report. You then upload the data to itsmydata, where it is aggregated and your score and information on any negative items automatically added to your credit report.

Information on you collected by:

CrifBürgel also sends you the information you requested, along with your score (if there is one) and any negative information on you by post. Scan it and upload it to our platform, where it is summarised and automatically added to your credit report.

Information on you collected by:

You will also receive your information from Regis24 digitally into your itsmydata account immediately after purchase. Regis24 is a modern credit agency specialising on difficult debt collection cases and adds a complementary encashment group to the certificate. This credit reference agency does not issue a score, however supplies information concerning your payment behavior.

Manage your creditworthiness:
Historization & Peer Comparison

Your information from the five credit agencies can be saved and viewed anytime in your itsmydata account at "MyActivities". Furthermore, you can historicize your data and compare it to others thanks to peer comparison.


Frequently asked questions and answers

How can I pay?

You can pay either via PayPal, Sofort, paydirekt or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

What data does the credit report contain?

Our credit report contains data from up to five credit reference agencies (CRAs), (Boniversum, Experian (Infoscore Consumer Data), Schufa, Crif and Regis24). The credit report contains a summary from these sources as to whether there is negative information on you with the CRAs. The report also presents a comparison of the different CRAs' scores.

How quickly is the data made available?

As a special service, Creditreform Boniversum, Experian and Regis24 provide you with your requested data on the spot. As it is always up to date, you can use it immediately for your credit report. If your personal data account already contains current information, this will also be used immediately to compile your credit report. If not, your information will be requested and these rating agencies will normally send it to you by post within 2-3 weeks. You can scan the documents and upload them directly to our platform.

What should I do if the identity check fails?

We make sure that nobody but you can request and receive your credit report. If the identity check is unsuccessful, it may be because the name on the payment method used doesn't match the name in your profile.

Can I also order the itsmydata credit score report when living abroad?

Unfortunately not. You need to have proof of residence in Germany.

How secure is generation of the itsmydata credit report?

Your data is used solely to generate the report and stored in your personal data account. Only you have access to your data. – Your data account is free of charge and you can either maintain it or delete it after using your report (90 days).

How can the accuracy of the data in the itsmydata credit report be verified?

A third party can use a verification code to check the data. The verification code is printed on each credit report. By entering your name and using this code, the person can check here  whether the results document corresponds to a valid credit report.

How often can I generate a credit report for myself?

You can generate a credit report for yourself as often as you like. However, you can also use a credit report multiple times and present it to multiple landlords and business partners.

How long is a credit report valid?

There is not normally any official rule on length of validity. It depends on whether the person interested in your credit score accepts your credit report. However, we recommend using a credit report for no longer than 120 days, as your credit score is constantly subject to change.

Why is the itsmydata credit report so much cheaper than other credit reports?

itsmydata supports you in exercising your data rights and regaining control of your own personal data. As your credit score information is also your personal data, we only charge a kind of service fee for providing the credit report.

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved