Fast, easy and affordable to your new dream apartment.

Let your landlord have it – your personal credit worthiness certificate with information from up to four credit agencies (Boniversum, Schufa, CrifBürgel, Infoscore) for only 6.90 €.

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A credit worthiness certificate to show your future landlord.

Moving is expensive enough!

Do you think 29.95 € is too much for a credit worthiness certificate for a landlord? So do we! That's why you can get our credit worthiness certificate for only 6.90 €!

Download it, forward it or print it out immediately.

Waiting for days? Not with us! Download your credit worthiness certificate immediately, forward it by email or print it out and give it to your landlord.

A certificate with your credit scores and a check for any negative information.

You can get your credit worthiness from up to four credit agencies (Boniversum, Schufa, CrifBürgel, Infoscore) and find out if there are negative entries in your credit report

Extensive information.

In addition to your score you will receive a self-disclosure document with extensive information from Boniversum, Schufa,  Infoscore and CrifBürgel.

Get the Creditworthiness Certificate from itsmydata!


What happy tenants say

An innovative service!

I fell in love with an apartment and needed to provide a credit report. A friend told me that I could get one immediately at itsmydata for 6.90 € and forward it directly to the landlord. I did exactly that and immediately received a confirmation for my dream apartment.


Paola, Frankfurt

Thanks to itsmydata, I have my dream apartment!

Presenting several credit scores plus an indication that there were no negative entries about us at any of the credit agencies, was proof enough for our prospective landlord. Now, we have our dream apartment!


Le Le und An Vuong, Coburg

It was impressive how quickly I received the credit score certificate.

6.90 € for several credit scores! My landlord was completely satisfied. He could not only see my credit scores, but also the fact that is no negative information about me in any of the reports. Super!


Alexander, Berlin

This is what you receive with the
itsmydata Creditworthiness Certificate

Your self-disclosure of:

You’ll receive your score from Boniversum in real-time and can download your certificate in just 2 minutes, forward it by email, or print it out and present it directly to your landlord.

Your self-disclosure of:

Your self-disclosure from Infoscore will be posted to you in the mail. Simply scan it, upload it to itsmydata, and your information is automatically included on the certificate.

Your self-disclosure of:

Together with your self-disclosure, SCHUFA will send you a code that you can use to download your self-disclosure. After you upload it to itsmydata, the information will be condensed and your score and information as to whether there are any negative entries will be automatically transferred to the certificate.

Your self-disclosure of:

Your self-disclosure with your score (if one is available) and any negative entries will be posted to you in the mail by CrifBürgel. Simply scan it and upload it to itsmydata, and the information will be summarized and automatically added to the certificate.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Which payment methods are offered?

You can currently choose between direct debit (SEPA) or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Additional payment methods are in progress.

What data is shown on the certificate?

Our certificate contains the data from up to four credit agencies (Boniversum, Schufa, CrifBürgel, Infoscore). The certificate provides a summary based on the self-disclosures from these sources as to whether there is a negative entry about you in the credit report. The certificate also compares the scores of the different credit agencies.

How quickly will the data be made available?

As a special service, Boniversum will provide you with your data immediately. The data is provided electronically and always up-to-date, so that you can add it to your certificate immediately. If your personal data account already contains your current self-disclosure, then these data will be immediately added to the certificate. If not, a self-disclosure will be requested. You will receive the data from the credit agencies in the postal mail within 2-3 weeks. You can then scan the documents and upload them directly itsmydata.

What should I do if the identity check fails?

We make sure that no one but you can apply for and receive your certificate. If the identity check fails, it may be because the name on the payment method used does not match the name in your profile.

Can I buy the itsmydata creditworthiness certificate using a foreign identity document?

Unfortunately not; you need confirmation of German residency.

How secure is the creation of the itsmydata creditworthiness certificate?

Your details will be used exclusively for the creation of the certificate and will be stored in your personal data account. Only you have access to your data! Your data account is free of charge and after using your certificate you can continue to use your account for 90 days, or simply delete it.

How can a landlord check the accuracy of the data provided by the itsmydata creditworthiness certificate?

Your landlord or business partner can verify the data using the verification code printed on each and every creditworthiness certificate. By entering a name, this code can be used to check whether the corresponding document belongs to a valid creditworthiness certificate.

How often can a creditworthiness certificate be issued?

You can create a creditworthiness certificate as often as you like. Alternatively, you can use a single a creditworthiness certificate multiple times and present it to several landlords or business partners.

How long is a creditworthiness certificate valid?

Generally, there are no rules as to the length of time a certificate is valid. It depends on whether the person interested in your credit rating accepts your certificate or not. We do however recommend that you make sure that your credit information is not older than 120 days, since your credit rating can always change.

Why is the itsmydata creditworthiness certificate so inexpensive compared to other credit reports?

itsmydata supports your use of your data rights to regain control over your personal data. Since your credit information belongs to you, we charge only a service fee for providing the creditworthiness certificate.

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