Shaping the future of the data economy together.

Data is already an integral component of the value chain, and will be of existential importance in the future.

Real customer data.

Understanding customers, customising offers and developing digital services are no longer the sole reserve of Big Tech.

Data as a business model or value chain component is no longer the sole reserve of Big Tech. The market is undergoing a fundamental transformation, which will be of existential importance for almost all companies tomorrow and already harbours unimaginable potential today.

“As consumers become more careful about
sharing data, and regulators step up privacy
requirements, leading companies are
learning that data protection and privacy
can create a business advantage."

*Source: Venky Anant, Lisa Donchak, James Kaplan, Henning Soller
functions/risk/our-insights/theconsumer-data opportunity-and-the-privacy-imperative

New data.
New opportunities.

Access to relevant and high-quality personal data with full user consent is becoming sine qua non for businesses.


It's time for real customer data!


Firstly, to survive in the market while remaining competitive, and secondly, to develop new digital business models and products for long-term business success.


Data use and the associated value creation are vital for retaining customers for the long term as well as acquiring new customers in the future.

Data transparency and privacy are fundamental to our time – the decade of sustainability. This makes integrating data ethics into corporate processes a business advantage.


Fair data:
a win-win for everyone.

itsmydata enables fair data exchange between users and businesses on an equal footing. And along with that, access to personal data of the highest possible relevance and quality with 100% consent and transparency for users.

Better data has
better ideas. 



Give your customers insight; be transparent – show that you have nothing to hide and be open about which customer data you store – increase customer trust, increase loyalty and significantly increase data quality as well.


Customers who trust you don't mind sharing their personal data with you; our users are all identified and have a wide range of data – from credit ratings and social media, through shopping and insurance data, right down to their personal browsing history. Obtain this data from your current or potential new customers, directly from the source – with their consent and therefore full legal security.


Gain insight into your customers' shopping history; Amazon, Zalando and co. It's fascinating what companies can glean from data – such as, how much money did users spend in which period? How many orders did they place? How much did they return? How did they pay? And much more.

Realize the full potential of personal data.

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©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved