It's your data!

Your data belongs to you and no one else. itsmydata helps you to regain control over your data and achieve your data sovereignty.

Become part of a great idea!

You are not the product, you are the originator. Even though your personal data originates from you, you are not a beneficiary – but others are! We at itsmydata want to change that by creating a world with fair data, where users and companies can benefit equally.

Get your dream apartment – the itsmydata credit worthiness certificate

Let your landlord have it: the itsmydata credit worthiness certificate with up to four credit scores. Boniversum, Schufa, CrifBürgel and Infoscore for only 6.90 €.

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It's your data!

itsmydata helps you to regain control over your data – Your data, your rights!

Data account

Your data needs a safe place. At itsmydata, you can open a data account free of charge where you can securely store all of your personal data. Your data is individually encrypted and only you decide what happens to it.

Data queries

At itsmydata, you can retrieve your data from companies, platforms and authorities and store it easily in your data account. Regardless of its format or how the data is transmitted: our service can handle it. We already service data queries from more than 100 sources – and the possibilities continue to grow!


Your "MyData" cockpit provides you with a systematic overview of all the data you have requested from companies. Our software organizes these data into twelve realms, such as home, financial and health, and displays these organized as groups or sorted separately – giving you the capability to decide for yourself what to do with your data.

Make something of it!

Don't just let others profit from your data, seize the opportunity to use its value for yourself!

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The next big thing.

Become part of a pioneering concept!

As a user, you can help us ensure that the private data economy (the handling and trading of personal data) is fair, transparent and profitable for everyone. We call this the “Fair Data Economy”.

Our vision is to give everyone the power back over their data.


Few people are aware of the value, strategic importance and advantages that can be achieved by companies with the right data. In fact, an ever-growing number of people are starting to demand transparency, fairness and a direct say in dealing with their data.

Data sovereignty

It is time to break the monopolies of Facebook, Google, Amazon & Co. and decide for yourself who’s allowed to do what with your data and at what price. Don’t settle for being the product – take back your data sovereignty

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Get your dream apartment!​

A fast, easy and affordable way to your dream apartment. Let your landlord have it - with the itsmydata credit score certificate for only 6,90 €.


Get your dream apartment!

Make it easy for your future landlord to choose you! In less than two minutes, you’ll receive your own personal credit score certificate with information from up to four credit agencies (Boniversum, Schufa, CrifBürgel, Infoscore).

Completely digital!

Send your information digitally and save your prospective landlord some work while providing all of your relevant information at a glance – Give yourself a decisive advantage over other applicants.

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