The itsmydata credit report

Manage your credit score.

Tens of thousands of happy customers – the itsmydata credit report with up to five scores from Boniversum, Schufa, Crif, Experian and Regis24 – for just €17.90.

The itsmydata Credit Pass

Increase the chances for your dream apartment - in only 2 minutes.

The smart credit check. Immediate online availability. Convince your landlord - for only 17.90€

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Take control of your data. Let it work for you.

itsmydata offers the following opportunities:

Our vision is to give everyone back the power over their own data.

Become part of a great new concept!

Join with us to revolutionise the handling and trading of your personal data and create a fair data economy that is transparent and profitable for everyone.

Data sovereignty

It is time to break the monopolies of Facebook, Google, Amazon and co., and to decide for ourselves who does what with our data at what price. Our data should no longer be just a product. We want data sovereignty.

Data ethics

We all have an idea of the value, the strategic importance and the advantages that companies draw from our data. It follows that more and more people are demanding transparency, fairness and a direct say in how their data is used.

The four most important reasons to start using itsmydata now:

Secure data account

You can store your data securely for free with itsmydata. It is individually encrypted and you alone can access it.

Simple data retrieval

You can already retrieve your personal data from over 100 companies, platforms and government offices and easily save it in your data account.

“MyData” data cockpit

Get a systematic overview of your stored data. Our portal provides a structured and visual overview in 12 areas of life, such as 'home', 'finance' and 'shopping'. The result is an intuitive and tangible presentation of your data.

Greater added value

We are working hard to ensure that in future you can monetise your stored data as you see fit. In other words, the sooner you put itsmydata to use, the more valuable your data will become. And, you will also be helping us to accelerate the transformation to a fair data economy.

Get your dream apartment. With the itsmydata credit pass.

These days a credit report is indispensable when looking for an apartment to rent. Make it easier for yourself and your future landlord. Save time and money with the itsmydata credit pass. It is available online in less than two minutes. For only €17.90.


©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved

©itsmydata 2024. All rights reserved