Dr. Michael Giese
Founder & CEO
Dr. Michael Giese is the founder and CEO of it’s my data GmbH. Before that, he was Division Director Product Management at SCHUFA Holding AG. Mr. Giese studied aerospace technology at Munich Technical University, where he earned his PhD in process engineering. Afterwards Mr. Giese specialized in financial services, especially in the area of insurances. He held specialized and executive positions at Münchener Rück Versicherung AG and Allianz Deutschland AG. In addition, he was also employed for many years with this same focal point by A. T. Kearney consulting firm, lastly as a principal.
Alexander Sieverts
Founder & Co-CEO
Alexander Sieverts is the founder and co-CEO of it’s my data GmbH. He has many years’ experience in the fields of payment, data intelligence and loyalty. Sieverts was CEO of the data specialist Axon Insight AG in Switzerland from 2012 to 2017. Prior to that, he served for several years as Vice President at American Express, where he was responsible for establishing and expanding the German market. Already in the Dotcom Era, Sieverts successfully contributed to the founding and development of a German internet startup.
Our vision is a digital world in which each person has sovereignty over their data and the value created from their data.

It’s time for it’s my data.

We pave the way toward constructive and fair interactions between individuals and businesses. As the first data portal for individuals, companies and institutions, it’s my data empowers people with comprehensive data sovereignty and facilitates transparent data interaction among peers. Users have complete sovereignty to decide whether, and to what degree, they wish to profitably participate in data-powered innovation. Companies can use these high-quality, personally released data to develop innovative products, services and business models. it’s my data GmbH is a Munich-based startup company. Founded in 2017, it’s my data finances itself independently.

Blazing trails towards a new data economy.

We’re convinced that the digital transformation can only lead to success and genuinely improve people’s lives if a fundamental change occurs in the way personal data are handled. It’s time to put the individual human being in the driver’s seat. Each individual deserves the right to decide who gets access to his data, what these data are used for, and if he wishes to make these data available in return for compensation. At it’s my data, we are keenly aware that people’s data is one of the decisive factors for the development of an effective and efficient digital economy. That’s why we put each individual in the focal point – and on a par with the companies. This “Private Digital Economy” will generate an important part of economic growth in coming decades. And it will decisively contribute toward the new digital fairness in society. We’re doing everything we can to assure that this succeeds.